Everything starts with a seed, and businesses are the same.

Every business starts small – no matter how big it eventually becomes. It starts with a dream or a vision that grows into something tangible.

Our image consulting training is dedicated to those individuals willing to take the risk to live their dreams.

As an Image Consultant you will help individuals and corporate companies make great first impressions, help them show the world who they really are and facilitating them in conveying an image that projects credibility because credibility brings success. Through image development individuals gain professionalism, promotion and profit.

Do you dream of becoming a Professional Image Consultant?

You have an incredible opportunity right now to make your dream come true.

The training we offer will enable you to show your clients how to create great first impressions, however, whatever you call it, it is about you giving your clients confidence. It’s about making people look classy and feel fabulous forever!

In return, you will not only get paid for making people look classy and feel fabulous but this profession will nourish your soul, and make you feel alive!

It’s the best of both worlds- live your dream while enjoying the flexibility and freedom of your own business.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. When you help your clients make great first impressions, you help them show the world who they really are and facilitate them to convey the image that they want the world to see. You can help them to be … classy and fabulous forever!

Image Academy
What our clients say about the course:

If you can't decide which course to do, THIS IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD DO!!!

The image & style course was everything I hoped for and more. It exceeded my expectations!! Thank you Ronel for the fantastic course that you present. The way you present your class is exceptional. There is alot of practical that you do and that's exactly what you need and going to do in practice. I walked out of there with so much confidence.

Ronel is excellent with motivation and the best of all is her after service. I felt a bit lost at starting up my own business but Ronel gave me lots of ideas and assisted me with starting up and now... I'm an image consultant who owns my own company.

Thank you Ronel for all your help and advice!

Ronel is there to help you and does it with a heart filled with love and compassion for you and for the industry!!

Elga Engelbrecht




I was in training for the past 5 days with Ronel Jacobs. She taught me so much, things I did not know in less than a week. How to communicate with angry or arrogant customers over the phone, how to treat my colleagues (treat them like kings) dressing myself when coming to work. How to answer the phone in a professional manner. I think the training was worth it, so much especially for me, because I was sitting at home with no job. This is very good for my profile. I fee professional now and worth it, I feel I belong somewhere. The part of the training that is left is the image part of me, which we are to get to that on the 5th of December. I want to take this moment to thank all of you for giving this opportunity that no one else has given me. Ronel Jacobs is been so good and very helpful to me, thanks to you and I think she has met my expectations so far. Ronel is a very qualified and a professional trainer, so you chose the right person for the job. With all the compliments I have been getting, I feel honored and professional.


Overall the course enriched me and gave me the confidence to further my career as an Image Consultant. Ronél Jacobs went beyond my expectations in presenting the course. The course changed my image and my life!!!! Now it is time for me to do so to others!!

Misa Rodrigues

Very interesting and informative.  Thank you!

Annemarié Meyer

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