Consultant - Leilani Basson

Phone:086 10 46243

Leilani Basson is an appearance expert with local and international experience as an image consultant, fashion stylist and magazine editor. She’s modelled for various magazines, bridal expos and designers and is equally comfortable behind the camera as an avid photographer. Her photos regularly appear in newspapers and magazines both here and overseas. She is also a make-up artist whose work has graced magazine covers and fashion shoots. She loves doing make-up for the odd wedding, corporate ball or matric farewell if time permits.

Leilani specializes in image and self enhancement classes for girls of all ages, where students are encouraged to compete with themselves rather than others in their peer groups to make the best of their personal assets. She’s coached students from America, Britain, Russia, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, including members of the Saudi Royal Family. Courses are fun, practical and hands-on with various field trips to enhance the learning experience and to practice newly learnt skills.

Also have a look at Leilani’s make-overs. Another field she excels in and loves.

On weekends Leilani can be found in the countryside with her husband, four wolves and two spaniels. It is here that she finds solitude and inspiration for her other life as a writer, journalist and novelist.

Above from left to right:

  • Leilani’s image and self enhancement courses are supported by various specialists in the health and beauty industry, with many experts sharing their knowledge and skills as guest speakers. Here is Maya Habr of MAC International with Leilani during a make-up demo.
  • A field trip for students to a diet and health clinic to learn more about staying fit and feeling fabulous for life.
  • A portfolio shot of one of Leilani’s students after completing her course. Portfolio’s photo shoots are done by Leilani - wearing her photographer’s hat.
  • Nerina Labuschagne, well known local and international magazine- and TV model posing for the cameras after Leilani did her make-up for a photo shoot.


  • A make-over that speaks for itself. Leilani has a comprehensive team of doctors, dentists, stylists, dieticians and personal trainers whom she recommends and works with to offer anything from a mini make-over to a complete metamorphoses that could include plastic and dental surgery.