Consultant - Marianne Aucamp

Phone:086 10 46243

‘I luuuuvv Fashion!!! I luuuvv Make-up!!!’ says Marianne. She adds: ‘I am also very passionate about making people feel great about themselves...’ Marianne’s mantra is: BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE FABULOUS!

Marianne has a background in Advertising and Marketing, Styling and Modelling. She has also studied fashion and art since childhood. Coming from a very creative family (her grandmother, aunt and mom are seamstresses, fashion designers and artists) she has been inspired from a young age.

She enjoys re-vamping vintage clothing and also loves mixing high quality clothing items with fun, quirky and eccentric (and sometimes inexpensive!) pieces to create personalised looks. ‘Fashion, clothing, make-up and accessories are all meant to add excitement to your everyday life’ she says. The power of dressing in a way that expresses your uniqueness and makes you feel amazing should never be underestimated.

Marianne is also a sought after Make-up artist with more than a decade’s experience. She enjoys showing people their true beauty. Marianne does all styles of Make-up. She especially enjoys Bridal Make-up.

Marianne has a team of hairdressers, dieticians, photographers, fashion - and jewellery designers she works with to give her clients the ultimate Make-over’s.